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Fix It TicketsFix It Tickets Los Angeles

Dreaded fix it tickets in Los Angeles are something that every driver will most likely face.  California traffic code grows by the year with a nearly incalculable amount of minor violations that could lead to a one of these violations.  Before making that call to Mr. Ticket, it is necessary for every driver to understand where these infractions stand within California traffic law.

According to the traffic codes laid out by the state of California, Los Angeles fix it tickets are legally known as "correctable violations."  When the ticket itself is issued, the law enforcement officer is not obligated to inform the driver if it is a correctable violation, what the fees are, and if proof of correction is necessary.  This information must be found by the individuals themselves within the allotted amount of time.

Common fix it tickets in Los Angeles are issued for overly tinted windows, any obstructions on the auto glass, torn registration tags, a car lacking a front license plate, and many other illegal vehicle modifications that the state has deemed dangerous.

If the correction takes place within the legal time frame, drivers have the option to download Mr. Ticket's free app which offers directions to all California courthouses and law enforcement agencies that can sign off on the ticket.

Los Angeles Fix It Tickets

Unfortunately, due to the relatively small amount that these fines may be, many drivers forget to pay their Los Angeles fix it tickets.  While they may be minor if taken care of in a timely manner, unpaid tickets can quickly escalate.  If not paid on time, the DMV could send the case to the courts which could potentially result in a suspended license, a bench warrant being placed, and the fines being raised exponentially.

If you or someone you know has recently received a fix it ticket or have received a notice that your license is under threat due to unpaid fix it tickets, it is time to call the Law Offices of Amir Soleimanian and Associates.  Our team of traffic specialists will work closely alongside you to ensure that your finances and your ability to drive are not under threat due to these infractions.